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365 days. 110 articles.

24 Feb

Marriage has, is and always will be such an interesting topic. It’s an institution; a lesson; an ideal; a pursuit; a promise.  It can be exciting, fresh and unpredictable yet still naïve in its youth, boring on occasion, and at times completely chaotic.

While matrimony can be paradise for some or prison for others, the only way to understand is to open its doors, enter it’s new and challenging world, and then survive on its founding oaths; both curse and blessing to those brave enough to domesticate it; marriage is truly NOT for the faint of heart.

In as few as five years, we have fallen together and stood back up. We have utterly failed one another and forgiven. We have found beauty in our sacrifices and rebuilt success with broken dreams. We have spoken our vows and depended on them when in need…

So why do we choose such a daunting lifetime commitment when the odds of surviving what we call marriage are against us?

When it all comes down to it – I think life, though sometimes difficult and unrewarding, is simply better when shared… And to be told its impossible or even naïve hope to believe in marriages that last a lifetime – well… to some of us – that is a challenge we are willing to accept.

This past year has been quite the curve for me, in both my marriage and my writing. In fact, they are both turning a corner once again. It’s kind of funny when you’re writing finally catches up with its original intent. Change is good…

In review and after a year of writing, it’s time to start anew and refocus. So THANK YOU for reading my thoughts and sharing yours with mine. MAO has been a blast.

To the next chapter in all of our lives… And may your marriages be blessed with each day shared!

Cheers with wine!

the Mrs.

P.S. I’m going to leave these posts up for a bit… I’ll procrastinate the cleaning for a little while.


Small Confession

12 Aug

Courtesy of rentmovie.com

So there’s been a small problem – hence my confession.

I told the Mr. I felt I was cheating on everything lately — but with him. I’ve been so distracted by him lately! I just want to *hang* with him and leave the dishes another night. Leave everything… not write.

I’m conflicted but not really. We can live without MOA for a little while right?

He’s going back to work — sigh.

We’re moving — smile.

the Mrs.


9 Aug

Sweet &  Simple Reveries…

Over lunch, the Mr. happened to mention that I was “dangerous” for being cute and quiet… Munching on my pizza, I curiously replied – What do you mean “dangerous”? He paused and then followed with –  “intoxicating”. Ooh – can’t say I’ve been described as “intoxicating” before – I quite like that! Big BIG point for the Mr.!

It’s easy to understand love at first sight, but how do we explain love after two people have been looking at each other for years? 
Author Unknown 

the Mrs.

When I get home, I take my hair down, put on fewer clothes and grab a glass of wine…

20 Jul

By wardrobe I’m going to refer to the many “roles” I’ve assumed as a maturing woman just to shake things up…

During morning hours I’m a sleepy princess – watch out; then from 7am to 5pm on weekdays I’m a working design technologist.

Early evenings (my favourite time of the day) I slip back into my “wifey” outfit and focus on winding down to relax with my husband. By late evenings, I return to “house management”, nesting, and catching up with family who live so far away.

Weekends – and do I love weekends! – are specifically for hobbies/interests such as baking, laundry and campfires! And of course socializing with my ladies :)

I think I’d like to try a few more wardrobes such as artist, writer, and one day mom. But I do get to play mom with Chuck Norris and Billy Graham so I’m pretty satisfied for now…

How many outfits do you wear?

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Over and underwhelmed…

11 Jul

Having a tough time gathering my thoughts…

I have all these titles and short subjects running through my head but when it comes to explaining them, I’m only left with more questions and incomplete drafts. Can’t find any written material that will help me through these – so where to next?

I’m reading and seeking but nothing is compelling me.

I’m feeling overwhelmed with how my marriage-life is consuming my everyday thoughts…

I’m feeling underwhelmed with how ambiguous and evolved my writing has become…

It’s interesting because while this sounds somber, I’ve never been happier. Right now, everything is perfectly placed – I want to walk away from the world and drown in my beautiful marriage. I don’t have an answer for anything either – just content to BE. Being married is the best part of my life right now. Maybe that’s why everything else seems so shallow and lifeless. Is this what one call’s “writer’s block”?

I need more from this small world. More substance, inspiration, and direction – but I can’t find any.

Excuse me while I regather my purpose with writing, right now I must continue to listen…

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