When I get home, I take my hair down, put on fewer clothes and grab a glass of wine…

20 Jul

By wardrobe I’m going to refer to the many “roles” I’ve assumed as a maturing woman just to shake things up…

During morning hours I’m a sleepy princess – watch out; then from 7am to 5pm on weekdays I’m a working design technologist.

Early evenings (my favourite time of the day) I slip back into my “wifey” outfit and focus on winding down to relax with my husband. By late evenings, I return to “house management”, nesting, and catching up with family who live so far away.

Weekends – and do I love weekends! – are specifically for hobbies/interests such as baking, laundry and campfires! And of course socializing with my ladies :)

I think I’d like to try a few more wardrobes such as artist, writer, and one day mom. But I do get to play mom with Chuck Norris and Billy Graham so I’m pretty satisfied for now…

How many outfits do you wear?

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