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Everything Happens for a Reason: Right?

23 Nov

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Why or why not?

In my opinion – yes.

I believe we are metaphysical beings. Our soul and conscience have an impact on everything that we are. This gives our lives purpose —- our actions reason.

While we each chose our own reason, we cannot possibly label any ignorance as chance. We are so much more than fate.

Reason evolves every day as we grow and interact. Call it karma, luck, spiritual guidance, faith or whatever else.

Sow positive reason and love into your sphere of influence even though you may never see the impact.

Just a smile could save someone’s world from crashing.

the Mrs.

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1 Jun

Sweet and simple reveries…

First day living alone with the Mr. in almost 3 years. We didn’t even need to talk – we just sat there – with Chuck Norris too of course ;)

Don’t marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can’t live without.
Dr. James C. Dobson

the Mrs.

About S&S Reveries…

A return to domestic marriage?

22 May

I’m stuck on a reoccurring theme and hope to hash it out…

For those who don’t know me, I appear as a reserved, pragmatic,  and busy woman.

For those who know of me, I reflect a career-oriented, driven, and self-sufficient wife.

For those who know me well; namely my husband, siblings and closest friends, I reveal my domestic disposition, creative penchant and generous heart.

These characteristics are all true to whom I am, yet are demonstrated diversely to various social degrees. I am fashionably conservative;  reasonably level-headed, and always have some type of project on the go. I am thankfully respected and valued within my current employment; able  to accomplish whatever I put my mind to; and practiced with building, repairs, and designing my own keep. But mostly, I am a die-hard wife, sister and friend; avid hobbyist and filled with a desire to bless those around me.

All in all, I am each a woman, professional and wife. I have chosen each of these careers, and the balancing act ensues my daily life.

Growing up in a family of six has given me invaluable experience forming the woman I am today.  My sisters defined my feminine wiles, my mother instilled my passion, my father and brother strengthened my resolve. I can honestly say I was blessed to be given such an abundant family and I fully attribute my success to their life-long influences. Challenges have never deterred me as my strong foundational family encourages all of my endeavors. I married at 21 years of age, moved across the country to start out a new life and now work in a fast-paced and growing industry.

I feel as if I’ve made my family, parents and husband proud – only, now I reflect on the impact my decisions have truly made…

I have practiced moderately chosen a career over children; and live for our marriage.

In the past year (this being our fourth in marriage), my sense of direction has begun to meander.  My career is accomplished and will only continue to evolve, our financial position is healthy and strong, and now the state of our marriage has re-emerged to the forefront in our lives.  I wear my marriage every day if that makes any sense. Every book, magazine, blog, and article I read somehow reflects marriage – I can’t get enough of it.

My day starts the moment I get home from work now, slipping back into my wifely cloak for my husband.  Work raises pale in comparison to a pleasing glance from my husband. Our daily fifteen minutes of reconnect black out the first 9 hours of each day; his whispered words lift the heaviest burden off my shoulders.

My thoughts continually drift back to the time when women guarded the homestead – when wives trusted their husbands to lead their families spiritually, financially and socially. The image of a submissive wife dominates my thoughts at present.

It’s almost funny as these desires in no way currently reflect our marriage. Outsiders commonly label me as the “breadwinner” or even as “wearing the pants” in our marriage. Yes, I go to work everyday, do general house repairs, and manage the finances. Yes, my husband is home everyday, loves to cook, and is the poet and dreamer. We are comfortable with these roles, sharing them to benefit our current state of marriage. But I feel a shift coming…

I remember as a young girl promising never to be the cook, soccer mom, or trophy on my husband’s arm. Women had evolved – liberated through the era of feminism – and were capable of anything. If I didn’t need my husband for anything, I would be happier with accepting him for who he was , eliminating disappointment, and unworthy expectations right?

I was strong, capable and beautiful for my independence. Or so I thought…

~ To Be Continued ~

the Mrs.

Hello world!? (this is the inspiring title wordpress started me off with?)

30 Jan
Punta Cana DR

Latest photo!

 And so it begins!

I always try to plan everything – you can imagine – my life, my career, my marriage – and even my new blog. So before I type up some witty “about me” column, I decided to break my usual routine and blurt something out without concern.  

First off, I love my life, my career and my marriage! No kidding! So much so that I have to get everything I think about on a daily basis out – and this will now be my voice…  

I’ve never written before – nor do I consider myself someone who could write anything interesting in the first place! :) But! I know that what my husband and I have is different. Marriage in today’s world is like a sleeping dragon – everyone knows it’s ugly head is going to wake up one day and some of us will run while some of us will stay and fight.  Marriage is not love. Love is not marriage. Why do we confuse this and wallow in disappointment?  

This blog is not intended to scrutinize or even attempt to tell people what marriage is. We have successfully reached our four year mark and with each passing year – we sadly see so many friends call it quits :(. But with resolve we will beat the odds dooming us to divorce. We will be happy and married at the same time! Searched out some blogs on marriage and I found one chronicling their divorce (wooh!), tons on “open” marriage, and a couple of wives daydreaming. Well… this wife gets pissed quite often actually. We both drive each other mad – madly insane and madly in love.  

So – to close it off. Enjoy – or not – it doesn’t really matter :) To those who join the resistance – we are beside you every step.  

the Mrs.

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