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Day 3 – Battle of the S-e-x-s

3 Feb
So – Day 3 in the battle field…

I’m still stumped as to what I’m going to approach my husband with. And of course, I’m thinking about it all day at work when I’m supposed to be working…  

4:30pm hits my clock and who walks in my door? This huge hunk in a tie and nice leather shoes! He sits down and tells me he had a great 2nd interview today – we both laugh. These are the first words in almost 48 hours. And I’m delighted to even hear his voice directed my way.  

Reconnecting from the toes up...


I was lucky enough last night – I found a glimmer of hope. He went to bed before I did – our feet touched – he woke up and called me “Baby“. The hard shell was cracked – he still loves me – I slept.  

We haven’t tackled any hard talk yet – just enjoyed sitting together silently smiling – resentment faded compassion kicked in. On the way home we dropped by an old friends’ and visited. Lucky for me – a solution presented itself!

Now – how to present the need for this solution? Here it was – our friend was interested in borrowing a certain XBOX game (*cough – Call of Duty) that so happens to be my husband’s favourite (to the point of obsession) game. We got home – I headed straight for him took a deep breath and spit out the words.  

“I would like you to lend Call of Duty to so-and-so… I will accept this as your apology – you owe me.”  

Now that was brave – because HE was mad at ME. Sometimes you just have to bluff.  

He didn’t stop playing the game… I waited – my stomache rolling over. Finally with a sly grin, he said okay – and gave me a kiss.  

What my husband didn’t need was for me to explain why lending this game out would make me happy – after all the arguing – I didn’t have to remind him how much it contributes to the day’s irritations. We both knew this was a feasible solution for the time being – something that would benefit us both.  

Plus – we’re back to talking! Carefully of course – wouldn’t even take a nudge to flame the coals right now… Now I know he’s going to come to me soon with his own request. Thus I now have to wait again – this patience game has no end. Hopefully tomorrow I can just nod, grin and say “okay” too…  

the Mrs.

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