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Day 4, 5, 6… – Battle of the S-*-x-s

7 Feb
Evolution of Reconciliation

Continuing from Day 3My husband presented his request. Interestingly enough – again – only with a sly grin. I knew what it was even as I was writing the last post. Damn his predictable male mind.  I submitted and once again (as he likes to call it) – “saved the marriage“. I’m truly torn with this act of submission – it’s so simple and easy but yet it frustrates me to no end that it fixes everything for him. Why can’t I have a single on/off switch that ends all disagreements? Meh – that’s for him to deal with – he’s got the bigger responsibility haha.     

Each day has since continued as expected. Routines have resumed – short kisses have reappeared.           

Our daily talks still gently meander back to our heated arguments days ago… Except now they lean moreso towards brain-storming, review, and finally encouragement and hope. We like each other again. Ha – feels good to finally say that honestly.            

It’s tough when the disagreement is so broad that there really isn’t any one answer that would be suffice. It’s a degree of change, a slight alteration of our lifestyles and relationship that eventually seeds evolution in our marriage. But the mutual conclusion of this need to change, the acknowledgement of both our efforts needed to effect a positive outcome will be the next steps… This time there were no apologies even needed – just a revived issue we had to tackle together once again. So we’ve unpacked this problem, rearranged our strategy, and replaced our neatly arranged box of efforts.            

At least we have the rest of our marriage to figure it out right? Hell – that sound both ominous and promising at the same time.            

I can say that we have both agreed to a new common practise…            

Fight clean and have dirty sex… LOTS of it.            

Until the next battle.            

the Mrs.

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