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In 5 Words

28 Jun

Couples Retreat

Jason Bateman, Vince Vaughn, Kristen Bell, Jean Reno & others…

So – why did I wait to see this? 

The Champs

Sometimes, a few good movies just slip past – it’s hard to see past the theatre action-packed ones.  We always take a date night when a great must-see-on-big-screen movie comes out. Yet once in a while we stumble across a decent romantic comedy that’s still relatively fresh… 

Let’s see here – five words…?  

Nostalgic (for couples), funny (as in always chuckling), raw (a bit at times), and I totally lost my mark of five words…  

I would watch it again – as this time I’d be prepared for the few awkward moments.   

I liked how each person was unique – bringing their own problems and strengths to the table. So of course, each couple was even more strange – yet similar. 

The movie does a good job of highlighting common challenges married couples encounter – even the dreaded divorce. The advice wasn’t shy, occasionally akward, and very real

The Ladies

 Either way, I really appreciated that despite the problems that came up, no one really blames any one else for their own problems. The guys are pretty stand up and the girls call out each other too whenever necessary – which reflected how beneficial it is to keep close friends that support your marriage (even when it sucks). 

I have no idea how everyone was suddenly happy at the end? I must have phased out for a bit… Good weeknight movie. 

the Mrs.          3.5 out of 5 stars
the Mr.           4 out of 5 stars 

Have you seen this movie? How would you rate it?


In 5 Words

24 Apr

We watched a pretty good movie – The  Ugly Truth. Very good laughs and a happy ending…

Only one problem – I think it got me in trouble?

I embraced every soft emotion along with this beautiful couple in a little over an hour. She was just so cute – he so manly – the story so perfect.

Then – it ended; when you wish it wouldn’t. I both love and distance myself from these perfect emotional journeys. Their painted scenes so captivating… The romantic melodrama just doesn’t transpire in our daily lives, so I soaked it up like a sugar rush…

I didn’t stop talking at dinner… Hardly even listening to Bryan, I overstepped the his boundaries. I’m incredibly awkward when emotional; and picking fights is one of my defensive staples.

Boy did he remind me quickly – at the rise of his tone I cried. I then continued to nervously ramble and only made it worse.

I hate disappointing my husband – it’s that “big oops” turning stomach feeling. Finally quieting, I could hardly look at him – he softened…

So I took a nap; and he tucked me in. Felt like I had relapsed emotionally; dazed and confused – I slept…

A refreshing nap sometimes give me two days in one; a second start – after all it’s only Friday ; only no more romantic comedies please…

the Mrs.

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