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24 Feb

Marriage has, is and always will be such an interesting topic. It’s an institution; a lesson; an ideal; a pursuit; a promise.  It can be exciting, fresh and unpredictable yet still naïve in its youth, boring on occasion, and at times completely chaotic.

While matrimony can be paradise for some or prison for others, the only way to understand is to open its doors, enter it’s new and challenging world, and then survive on its founding oaths; both curse and blessing to those brave enough to domesticate it; marriage is truly NOT for the faint of heart.

In as few as five years, we have fallen together and stood back up. We have utterly failed one another and forgiven. We have found beauty in our sacrifices and rebuilt success with broken dreams. We have spoken our vows and depended on them when in need…

So why do we choose such a daunting lifetime commitment when the odds of surviving what we call marriage are against us?

When it all comes down to it – I think life, though sometimes difficult and unrewarding, is simply better when shared… And to be told its impossible or even naïve hope to believe in marriages that last a lifetime – well… to some of us – that is a challenge we are willing to accept.

This past year has been quite the curve for me, in both my marriage and my writing. In fact, they are both turning a corner once again. It’s kind of funny when you’re writing finally catches up with its original intent. Change is good…

In review and after a year of writing, it’s time to start anew and refocus. So THANK YOU for reading my thoughts and sharing yours with mine. MAO has been a blast.

To the next chapter in all of our lives… And may your marriages be blessed with each day shared!

Cheers with wine!

the Mrs.

P.S. I’m going to leave these posts up for a bit… I’ll procrastinate the cleaning for a little while.


Marriage is Becoming Obsolete…Or Is It? (via EmBodyPolitic)

26 Nov

Marriage is Becoming Obsolete...Or Is It? The media coverage over the last week would have one think that Americans are racing to trade in the clang of wedding bells for the sweet sound of independence… or at least cohabitation (“shacking-up”). A Pew Research study released Thursday documented the continued decline of traditional marriage and a rise in cohabitation and remaining single. The study also found that when asked ,“Some people say that the present institution of marriage is bec … Read More
via EmBodyPolitic

Very interesting article… While we should all remember that polls and statistics are generalized by many factors, the question still remains – Is marriage becoming obsolete? Keep in mind that according to this research study 4 in 10 Americans think it is – while the other 6 don’t. Check out my comments and leave yours too! I would love to hear your thoughts…

the Mrs. | November 26, 2010 at 12:07 PM | Reply

I agree wholeheartedly that marriage is EVOLVING. Throughout history the institution of marriage has changed to represent it’s respective societal ideologies.

The purpose of marriage continues to be refined according to our lifestyles and geographic locations. In North America, since the early 1900′s marriage has steadfastly been rooted in love, and with such an elusive ideal placed on the institution it is no wonder that marriage has crumbled under such weight.

Originally marriage presented a contract that secured financial, political and social status for families; now – through glamorized media it offers a promise of finding your soul mate and happily-ever-after.

Unfortunately, we all have multiple soul mates, and love ebbs and fades seasonally so marriage has begun to ride the same waves of popularity contests. Although marriage is no longer at the forefront of North American bucketlists, there will be a season again where the institution will offer and represent something elusive, treasured, and rare.

Right now we are focused on including everyone’s rights to get married – gays, lesbians, anyone interested will be able to practice. This is a historical precedent that will further change the institution of marriage as we now know it.

I believe that these changes are incredibly fascinating and focus on our changing society’s beliefs. Marriage will never be obsolete – the institution will always continue to evolve, but the practice of sharing our lives together will always stand resolute and remain an integral part of our lives…

Discussion anyone?

the Mrs.

Everything Happens for a Reason: Right?

23 Nov

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Why or why not?

In my opinion – yes.

I believe we are metaphysical beings. Our soul and conscience have an impact on everything that we are. This gives our lives purpose —- our actions reason.

While we each chose our own reason, we cannot possibly label any ignorance as chance. We are so much more than fate.

Reason evolves every day as we grow and interact. Call it karma, luck, spiritual guidance, faith or whatever else.

Sow positive reason and love into your sphere of influence even though you may never see the impact.

Just a smile could save someone’s world from crashing.

the Mrs.

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In only three weeks? Happy Halloween

31 Oct

I’m feeling quite irked that I haven’t written for three weeks… Not that I haven’t been mulling over different topics for future posts but married life has just been incredibly busy!

Let’s see here – this month has given me two perfect weeks together with the Mr. (who’s normally away from home for work), a trip across the country, a funeral, hubb’s birthday, and tonight – Halloween.

While all of it has taken my attention away from MAO I must admit I have collected quite a few things to share! :)

But for now – all is well. And I haven’t forgotten you…

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe Halloween!

Coming soon!

What NOT to bring to a funeral…

How to travel together and not lose your mind…

Round-up of the best couple outfits for Halloween 2010… [Update – I’ve changed my mind, this is dumb.]

When you can’t be together for your spouse’s big day…

~Cheers with Wine!~

the Mrs.

Etsy Finds – Just Because…

4 Oct

CO Pretty Pixels @

Ever since I met Etsy I knew it was love at first sight.

Etsy offers a sweet marriage of vintage, hand-made and unforgettable style for those who truly cherish their local artisan crafts…

It is with Etsy that I have finally found a place where I can actually request custom EVERYTHING… ahhh….. pure heaven (check out their alchemy!).

Needless to say… Where would I recommend you find that next perfect gift for your one and only??? That’s right –

And to showcase the beauty of original design I am going to list my sweet little finds to make your browsing and finding! that much simpler.

Together – we can now share our love of marriage AND one-of-a-kind finds.

So today I bring you – Just Because… 16 reasons to spoil your sweetheart for no reason other than being who they are!

More finds to come…

Cheers with wine!

the Mrs.

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