In 5 Words

24 Apr

We watched a pretty good movie – The  Ugly Truth. Very good laughs and a happy ending…

Only one problem – I think it got me in trouble?

I embraced every soft emotion along with this beautiful couple in a little over an hour. She was just so cute – he so manly – the story so perfect.

Then – it ended; when you wish it wouldn’t. I both love and distance myself from these perfect emotional journeys. Their painted scenes so captivating… The romantic melodrama just doesn’t transpire in our daily lives, so I soaked it up like a sugar rush…

I didn’t stop talking at dinner… Hardly even listening to Bryan, I overstepped the his boundaries. I’m incredibly awkward when emotional; and picking fights is one of my defensive staples.

Boy did he remind me quickly – at the rise of his tone I cried. I then continued to nervously ramble and only made it worse.

I hate disappointing my husband – it’s that “big oops” turning stomach feeling. Finally quieting, I could hardly look at him – he softened…

So I took a nap; and he tucked me in. Felt like I had relapsed emotionally; dazed and confused – I slept…

A refreshing nap sometimes give me two days in one; a second start – after all it’s only Friday ; only no more romantic comedies please…

the Mrs.


2 Responses to “In 5 Words”

  1. Stacey May 19, 2010 at 10:22 PM #

    My favorite, all time, love, romantic movie is called, “Love Actually” I watch it once a month, watch it please. Gives you a perspective of all types of relationships. Also, it’s funny, sad, heartbreaking. I believe it portrays every type of relationshp there is. I can borrow it to you if you would like. sb

    • the Mrs. May 19, 2010 at 10:29 PM #

      I’ve definitely seen the title in top lists for romantic movies – say we watch it together? movie night?

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