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What truly makes you smile?

1 Oct

Taking the time every day to focus and remember what brings you true joy and pleasure makes every day better than the last… Here’s a simple list of what catches my smile and keeps me happy from day-to-day. What about you?

It doesn’t matter how bad a day I’m having… recharging in the sun lets me bathe in raw energy and drink in good spirits.

I have to admit, sparkles always perk a smile from my lips… it’s just the girl in me.

Their very existence reaffirms and strengthens my connection to the living world. It’s amazing to watch my babies grow and bloom. Oh, and we also share a love for sunshine :)

My marriage
It’s like a really great novel where I can read another chapter every day. I love having room to be wrong and our entire lives to refine and weave our lives together.

Building a fort
There’s just something about transforming your living room into another world using blankets, cushions, books and a flashlight. I don’t know if I’ll ever get it out of me…

Baking and laundry
I must confess – my penchant for baking and fresh laundry keeps me home even on the weekends… wearing an apron, hashing out the chemistry of basic ingredients, and the crisp feel of sun-dried laundry has become my nostalgic and domestic muse.

The ability to bless is my reward…

Tea time
Those 15 minutes are all I need… pair it with sunshine, a freshly baked biscuit – and my day is set.

Birds in the morning time
I’m at work for 7am every morning so on my way to the car is always a choir of birds perched on branches on my lovely treed lane… after the rain or as the sun wakes up their songs are always full of chaotic yet symphonic notes.

Chuck Norris & Billy Graham
It’s a love-hate relationship really – driving me insane, but crazy in love. Their independence is always a gentle reminder of our mutually enjoyed company. We are best buddies, and their purrs of approval melt my troubles for the day…

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22 Apr

Positive and appreciative reviews of my daily marriage.


My favourite part of the day is coming home from work to a good cup of tea and my loving husband.

I’ve noticed that he always encourages me to confess my daily fears and negative thoughts to him (which I naturally harbour), so that together we can reawaken our dreams and hopes for both the near and far future, finishing our day together in a lighter state of mind…

It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.

William James

the Mrs.

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