In only three weeks? Happy Halloween

31 Oct

I’m feeling quite irked that I haven’t written for three weeks… Not that I haven’t been mulling over different topics for future posts but married life has just been incredibly busy!

Let’s see here – this month has given me two perfect weeks together with the Mr. (who’s normally away from home for work), a trip across the country, a funeral, hubb’s birthday, and tonight – Halloween.

While all of it has taken my attention away from MAO I must admit I have collected quite a few things to share! :)

But for now – all is well. And I haven’t forgotten you…

I hope everyone has a fantastic and safe Halloween!

Coming soon!

What NOT to bring to a funeral…

How to travel together and not lose your mind…

Round-up of the best couple outfits for Halloween 2010… [Update – I’ve changed my mind, this is dumb.]

When you can’t be together for your spouse’s big day…

~Cheers with Wine!~

the Mrs.


One Response to “In only three weeks? Happy Halloween”

  1. Melanie October 31, 2010 at 9:38 AM #

    It was such a pleasure to have you come visit Charlene!

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