Over and underwhelmed…

11 Jul

Having a tough time gathering my thoughts…

I have all these titles and short subjects running through my head but when it comes to explaining them, I’m only left with more questions and incomplete drafts. Can’t find any written material that will help me through these – so where to next?

I’m reading and seeking but nothing is compelling me.

I’m feeling overwhelmed with how my marriage-life is consuming my everyday thoughts…

I’m feeling underwhelmed with how ambiguous and evolved my writing has become…

It’s interesting because while this sounds somber, I’ve never been happier. Right now, everything is perfectly placed – I want to walk away from the world and drown in my beautiful marriage. I don’t have an answer for anything either – just content to BE. Being married is the best part of my life right now. Maybe that’s why everything else seems so shallow and lifeless. Is this what one call’s “writer’s block”?

I need more from this small world. More substance, inspiration, and direction – but I can’t find any.

Excuse me while I regather my purpose with writing, right now I must continue to listen…


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