Consider This

19 Sep

In the words of a married economist…

An interview with Tyler Cowen by Vivek Kaul briefly touched on marriage:

Why is delusion a secret to a good marriage?

From one point of view, marriage is an impossible undertaking.You have to believe it is going to work and going to last, no matter what.Then maybe it will.Without such a commitment, at some point you will stop cooperating. The simple truth is that each partner commits a great many wrongs over the course of a marriage, even under the best of circumstances.Resentments build up and problems persist.Marriage can still work, and be very rewarding (mine is!), but it requires an irrational degree of belief in the marriage itself.Only then can it become to some extent a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So is it delusion or blind faith? I’m hoping a lot of both.

What do you think?


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