New Place New Chapter New Problems?

19 Aug

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So we’ve moved!  

And although we are currently living in a sea of boxes we are both so much happier! The last place held so many conflicts and personal issues that it was really a load off our shoulders to break in a new chapter in an entirely new place :)  

I don’t know what it is about moving – the purging of old unused items, the fresh opportunity to recharge sleeping goals, or the reorganizing of daily life and routines that is so exciting and contagious… Now that the packing is over, I get to take my time  replacing our daily items while reviewing how we manage our sometimes chaotic schedules. I’m tired but excited to start once again on a clean slate – a new chapter.  

This week has actually been quite interesting too. Our new place had some water damage in the basement just before we moved in so we actually have ALL of our belongings upstairs until the repairs are completed. While living within boxes and eating supper on our living room coffee table doesn’t really grate my nerves, apparently it HAS grated Billy Graham’s…  

Billy G has decided to start marking his new territory – including our bed! Of all the cats I owned in my life (too many to count) I’ve never had this problem before… Armed with determination, I’ve done all the research in how to tackle this problem. But as we’re still unpacking and getting used to our new surroundings, including the new posse of cats we’ve met in the past few days, I can’t possibly integrate any of the needed changes and retraining until every thing ELSE is settled – grrr.  

Poor Billy G and poor egyptian bed sheets! This stinks – literally. The hubz and I will have to be careful that the added stress won’t build tension. We’re pretty good at being aware of outside influences when arguments start popping up for no good reason. Why are we arguing about nothing again? That questions always seems to be a good indication that we just need to take a break and sit outside with a good cup of tea together. I only hope that Billy G settles in as well as we have… At least Chuck Norris has – he’s even introduced himself to his new feline neighbours without any hissy fits.  

These close quarters are truly challenging – our sanity is quite sensitive right now. Nothing that some wine after work,  ice-cream for dinner and a few extra date nights won’t fix I think… I’m so grateful that we have a two-week window between leases to take our time relocating! This whole experience makes me want to write a “How-To Move Without Losing Your Minds and Your Cat’s Bladder” article – what do you do while moving to keep your sanity?  

Well – back to more cleaning at the old place, unpacking at the new, and surviving another stinky mess…  


the Mrs.  



2 Responses to “New Place New Chapter New Problems?”

  1. Seeb August 20, 2010 at 7:11 PM #

    When we moved I promised myself that I wouldn’t let it overtake our lives. I opted not to unpack some boxes of things that would need alot of attention until I had the time to devote to it properly. So…some of my closets have yet to be vacated. It’s hard for a control freak not to be totally unpacked two months later but when you consider the alternatives I think it’s a good trade off. I commend you for being able to identify that outside forces impact your relationship inadvertantly – alot of people still haven’t learned this. My Mum and Dad call them “John and Mary fights”. One day you should ask her about how that came to be. I think you’d enjoy the story behind it. Looking forward to wine after dinner when you two kids get settled xxoo

    • the Mrs. August 23, 2010 at 8:13 PM #

      So I think you’ve inspired another post :) – “John and Mary fights”. It took us a long time to figure this out – and now it saves a lot of headaches… Still happens once in a while but we pick up on the cues fairly easy now.

      I think I’d like to interview your mom for this blog too haha. She has the best stories and such interesting advice. Almost done the book she recommended – love it!

      We’re almost settled… And we’ll have you over for dinner shortly!

      Cheers with Wine!

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