Time to try out my new Poll Daddy…

6 Aug

So here’s my first poll! – I’d like to get a feel for those of us married couples and the impact of California’s Proposition 8 on our respective relationships. Here’s some links for further reading if you are unfamiliar with the latest news…

Organizational sponsor of Proposition 8 >>> www.protectmarriage.com
Organizational opponent to Proposition 8 >>> http://www.noonprop8.com/
[Update: Domain is expired! Will try to find another website…]
California’s Voter Guide on Proposition 8
Read the Official Proposition 8 Ruling Document here

Feel free to comment – I understand that polls rarely do any justice as there is always an underlying perspective to each persons’ opinion and I would love to hear them. For starters – the first vote will be mine – and it’s No.

~Cheers with Wine!~


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