Last Time I Thanked the Mr….?

22 Jul

So when was the last time I thanked the Mr.? Wow – surprisingly I could answer that today alone I’ve thanked him for various small deeds at least 5 times.

But is saying “thank you” really enough? I tend to regard saying TY the same as saying “I love you”… You can say it all day long but does it really hit home for the person receiving it?

Being thankful and grateful are truly vital components in marriage. After all, who would want to dedicate their lives to a relationship only to get a mumbled “thank you” once in a while?

There are so many interesting ways to say thanks to your partner. The key is actually knowing in which way your partner appreciates and receives your gift of thanks. Let’s take the Mr. as an example.

I could scream thank you from the top of the roof, but he wouldn’t even notice. I could buy toys, give him a card or even write a poem and he still would just reply with a curt “you’re welcome”. But if I really really really want to say thank you, all I have to do is somehow get physical with him.

I know I know – most men appreciate physical touch, but I know from experience just how much he NEEDS and APPRECIATES it. So when hubby decides to brew me a cup of tea for when I get home from work, my first response is to run my fingers through his hair, give him a kiss and some close-up time. This is a thank-you that he will always remember.

My thank-you’s on the other hand are a bit different. When the Mr. wants to say thanks for a back rub, he’ll take care of a few errands for me that will shorten my day. He’ll even book my appointments, pay the bills, or even write a poem if so inspired.

He understands that to make his thank-you count, he has to show me his gratefulness through action or thoughtful gifts. And no – I’m not one for jewellry or expensive items. But he knows that I don’t spend much money being the frugal cheap wife that I am… so he makes a purchase that I would have normally put off to save more mula.

For others, words of affirmation or quality time spent together are a perfect fit. And it’s these simple acts of thank-you that keep us in check – reminding us how lucky we are to have each other. And we are so very lucky – to have a partner who’s willing to show their gratitude on a daily basis.

So when was the last time you said thank you in a way your partner accepts appreciation? And how does your partner like to be acknowledged?

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