My Favorite Quote(s) I Carry With Me Every Day…

21 Jul

I actually have three! I can’t choose one over the other as together they pretty much form my everyday “mantra”.

“Know Thyself” & “Nothing in Excess” are ancient Greek aphorisms that are written in the temple of Apollo in Delphi. I first learned of these in university while studying Greek Mythology and have never been able to forget them!

The third but most important isn’t really a quote, just my own personal proverb to “Seek Thy God”.

All three of these have been ingrained in my life and all of my actions are based on these. To seek thy God truly leads to knowing thyself. Living a life of humility and gratefulness always prompts me to give and bless wholeheartedly to those around me.

God has always been first in our marriage, and by continually seeking him everyday, as husband and wife we have learned so much about each other and the delicate yet reinforcing bond of our marriage. Together we have found true happiness by giving and blessing our friends and family with everything that we have.

It’s been a ride – a life-changing journey… Although these are written in my heart I’m actually considering getting tattoos of these as they’ve been so prevalent in my life. And I really don’t think that these will ever change for me either…

What principles/ideals/quotes do you apply to your marriage?

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