Interview with Mrs. Pinkett Smith

20 Jun

I don’t really make an effort to follow marriages within the realm of entertainment – but I do give credit to those that have lasted in what must be the most challenging environment with very limited privacy.

In the article, Jill Jacobs interviews Jada Pinkett Smith for Yahoo! Canada News to discuss how she balances being “an actress, director, producer, singer, author, mother and wife”. While the interview focuses on Jada’s newest TV drama “HawthoRNe”, a few intimate questions on marriage were highlighted.

Will & Jada Pinkett Smith

What kept my interest was a chosen topic this blog aims to explore – “beating the odds” in marriage. Jada credits friendship and evolution for their shared success. Any long term and seemingly happy relationship such as Will & Jada’s marriage is an inspiration to us. We pray their marriage continues to be blessed in the years to come!

Here’s a quick excerpt but overall it’s a great read.

Q: You’ve been married to Will for 12 years. How do you beat the odds when it comes to Hollywood marriages?

A: “Probably because we’re the best of friends. You have to be expansive and elastic, willing to grow and change all the time. I think we do that together. Sometimes we drive each other crazy, but we’re able to sit down and work it out as friends. I think that’s probably the most important part of our relationship, the friendship.”


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