Article Round UP

19 Jun

Top Reads This Week

Cotton Candy Marriageswe’re all just different flavours jens@reflectionsinhindsight

In Sweden Men Can Have It Allbest place for new dad’s to live katrinbennhold@thenewyorktimes

How to Hold Onto Your Husbandthree rules insure against infidelity? missklamoine@hersteria

The Daily Temperature Readinghow to develop open and flowing communication arlene@arlenesnewbeginning

Radical Work Autonomy in Marriagedefinitely check out the video at the end! interesting concept when applied to marriage… jdmoyer@theblogofjdmoyer

If you like it, keep the ring out of it: why “wedding culture” is bad for women and marriage – how weddings are no favour to marriage tradition @hannabrooksolsen

Time Out: Part Two – What are Standards for?I don’t know how to connect this to marriage but it’s definitely relevant none the less… ponauthor@pursuitofnobilityauthorsblog


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