A Prayer for My Marriage

17 Jun

It is when everything seems great; that nothing could go wrong – when something unexpected does…

I’m not a pessimist but I definitely know that we are never in full control of our own realities.

The past few months have been heaven for us. I admit it’s been rough as our marriage has been shifting in so many ways – but lately we both feel that we’re on top of the world and nothing can stop us…

While it’s great to bask in love, in success, and in rest – we know there are seasons in every marriage. It has truly been a ripe season for us and we can’t get enough of each other right now.

During this beautiful season, I feel a growing need to pray fervently for the protection of what we now share. Although everything is sparkling, my eyes have grown keener and more observant to any slight influences and impacts that could encroach on our shared path. As many others I’m sure, I have the deepest desire to protect my marriage and our happiness…

So I have written a personal supplication for my marriage to keep myself level and one toe on the ground. I pray that every marriage knows the joy of a bountiful season.

A Prayer for My Marriage  <<< Check it out – what do YOU most protect in your marriage?

~ Cheers with wine! ~

the Mrs.


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