Yard Sale Purge

6 Jun

We co-hosted a yard sale last month – all day – and we’re talking 7am to 5pm; twice. The four of us literally cohabitated [ha-ha NOT the word I was looking for] occupied our driveway  for over 20 hours while watching three children and serving a total of six meals on our driveway under the sun.

It was great! We got rid of so much stuff – our prices dropped steadily as the addiction grew to see junk disappear before our eyes – and people were paying us to take it away! Perfect!

We kept running inside to find anything else we could throw on top of our table of odd dishes and useless items.  Furniture was taken and we pretty much cleared out a full garage of STUFF in two days flat.

It was interesting to see that the JUNK was the first stuff to go while the good furniture was the last? Either way – felt like so much weight was lifted off our shoulders to get rid of what we just didn’t need anymore…

Garage Sale

Hubby and I tend to ritually purge with each new season. Living in four seasons requires creative storage solutions and being minimalists, this poses a challenge every time we unpack another years’ supply.  Almost quarterly, we rearrange and trim off useless equipment, bulky furniture, old decorations, and then always reduce our closets to only our best picks.

These turnovers provide a fresh start towards a new season and opens our living space to new purpose. So how does getting rid of random stuff actually encourage motion and positive change in our marriage?

The very action of purging means so much more than just making room for new. With each item recycled – either through exchange, sale or donation – the connection to it closes, ending the brief or even long moments that would flash back every time you handled or used it.

These flash backs act as our daily reminders of yesterday. And while yesterday can be a pleasing depiction – today and tomorrow holds the real promise. Today can be used to focus on each other now; today can be that quiet picnic under the sun, picturesque drive through the countryside, or random date ending with ice-cream.

With one less item to tote where-ever we go, the more flexible we can be to jump on anything that presents itself useful or progressive to our marriage.  We can easily focus on our short and long term goals without worrying about anything we don’t have to. Doing this we have come to learn – the less we have the happier we are! As the associated maintenance leaves with each given item, the more time we have to directly focus on one another.

I don’t know about anyone else but if we didn’t get  our 15 minutes after work together every day, we wouldn’t survive. So we will leave the dishes until the next morning, do laundry once a week and spend the extra time over coffee or ice-cream together. Time has definitely taken precedence over both money and stuff in our relationship. And yard sales are the perfect opportunity to free up some more time by reducing our shared belongings and attached responsibilities.

Yard sales have always evoked this nostalgic and therapeutic response in us. We not only get to socialize with our neighbourhood after surviving another frigid winter –  we get to recycle and clear our shared canvas for a new picture; a new season.

So cheers to another chapter, another season, another yard sale!


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